What if vegan parents were banned from accessing the British territory ?

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This line has not been crossed yet but in Italy, a law is being introduced which could see parents being locked away for a year. For what you may ask? Feeding their children vegan diets.

UK legislation punishes cruelty to children since 1933 especially malnourishment. However there’s a big gap between this kind of treatment and vegan diets according to british criminal lawyers.

Barrister Max Hardy explained that there’s a probability that a claim could be raised about introducing vegan diets as psychological harm in the 1933 legislation.

So, is the Italian example good to follow for anti-vegan legislation?

The question was asked to several lawyers who answered unanimously: no. Indeed, there are much worse means to hurt children than feeding them vegan food. They sarcastically add that Italy produces a large part of the ingredients that are at the basis of the vegan diet.


Simon Brenot