Top 8 things to do convince without saying a single word during a job interview.

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You have just brightly finished your law studies, and are going to take the hard step of going on job interviews and you are looking for these small details allowing for your profile to pop out of the crowd, without saying a single word ?, recruitment experts in legal jobs delivers its tips.

1. Be punctual, neither late neither in advance, just punctual

Law is a market that requires strictness. You must be on time. It of course means not being late, but don’t be in advance either. If your speaker is a lawyer, he certainly has a full timetable and would be annoyed to stop what he was previously doing in order to meeting you.

2. Have a classical and elegant look without appearing as a tourist

The law sector is a field where extravagant outfits are not very usual. To be in the good tone, you have to opt for a sober style. Men can’t avoid the tie and suit. Ladies, opt for dark colors. On the other hand it is useless to be over the top. Then, leave your closet, bow tie, hat, pearl necklace… You might wear that during you cousin’s wedding this summer.

3. Have a firm handshake without destroying your interlocutor’s hand

Legal recruiters are looking for voluntary, motivated and confident people. A soft handshake can be considered as a lack of dynamism and confidence. A too tough one would be considered has an excess of stress.

4. Take notes without giving the impression of writing a book

Taking notes is a good thing to show your interest of what the speaker is talking about. However, keep in mind that one of the fundamental qualities of a legal counsel is the synthesis capacity. Do not try to note everything. It is uncomfortable for someone to speak with a person focused only on his paper. You risk losing the human aspect of the interview.

5. Have a natural smile without giving the impression that it is the best day of your life

It is important to have a smile during your interview. A natural smile is a good asset to show your self-confidence. If you are too stressed and you feel that you are forcing yourself to smile, stop it. Opt for a natural behavior, always !

6. Stand straight, without looking stuck-up 

It is time to remember your mother saying “stand straight”! Keep in mind that your appearance counts a lot including in the legal market which is a place where you have to show yourself as a strict person. Your words won’t be taken seriously if you are slumped on your chair. Do not forget the natural side, but do not show too natural an aspect.

7. Look people in the eyes

You must look the speaker in the eyes and do not escape eye contact. Escaping eye contact would translate it as a lack of confidence.


8. Listen to your interlocutor without exaggeration

No needs to shake your head every time your interlocutor is speaking to show your interest. You obviously have to show to the speaker that you’re listening to him and want to know more. And remember: don’t behave too much !