Top 10 wrong prejudices on lawyers

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Lawyers are often victim of a bad image. wanted to re-establish the truth with this top 10 bias about lawyers.

1. Lawyers are more comfortable with a minitel than a computer

Do not exaggerate, lawyers evolved at their pace concerning IT, digital and numeric. If some people still have some progress to make, others are already well advanced on the road of modernity. And on this point, lawyers are still better than notaries !

2. Lawyers like everybody, except magistrates, court clerks, ministers, bailiffs…

It is true that court clerks can sometimes be clumsy, magistrates obstinate, and notaries… are notaries, but one thing is true, lawyers do not grumble, they express themselves !

3. Lawyers have more conversation with their printer than with their wives/husbands

The lawyer’s profession is very captivating. Lawyers does not necessarily have enough time to consecrate to their private life. As everybody lawyers have holidays, even some days off in August !

4. The lawyer is the best counsel for his friends and friends of his friends and the friends of the friends of his friends

It is well known, lawyers can resolve everything, including the problem caused by a friend’s neighbor of your friend who keeps him from sleeping. Even if some of them are very good, all the lawyers do not know everything.

5. Lawyers let their trainee takes care of their coffee brand

Trainee’s conditions are generally as difficult as instructive.

The internship in a law firm is particularly tough and so, particularly instructive. The first mission “printer/coffee”; will however follow pretty quickly to “juridical researches”. He does not know it yet, but when the trainee will start his second mission he will soon want to go back to the first mission.

6. Lawyers have their own definition of punctuality

For many people, punctuality coarsely means “being on time”, for the lawyers it is rather “to not have significant delay. Simple question of definition.

7. Lawyers read carefully the 103 conditions before signing up to a phone subscription

As every good in-house counsel, lawyers can’t help looking for the small mistake. This is why they sometimes read a fair part of instructions, conditions and other sneaky texts written in small print.

8. Lawyers have to wear a tie-suit

It is true that some business lawyers can’t meander in the corridors of CAC 40 companies in shorts and flip-flops. No generalization! Some lawyers are cool enough to stay in their office/ We even caught sight of a lawyer wearing jeans !

9. Lawyers spend their life in the law court

If you think that lawyers spend their life in the dark corridors of law courts, you probably watch too much TV. Lawyers are less and less going to the law court. You can see it by yourself by going there and contemplating the emptiness of the place. 

10. Lawyers are self-employed, therefore free

Yes, the lawyer profession is a free profession, but it does not mean that lawyers are completely “free” to work when they wish to. Lawyers even tend to work all the time. For those who see the lawyer as a night bird, do not forget that in reality, the lawyer depends of their clients and that these ones are rarely up to a meeting after 10 pm…