Top 10 tips get an attractive and refined resume !

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   Careers-in-law delivers its 10 tips to distinguish yourself on your resume.

1. A consistent order of sections

It is very rare that originalities are welcomed in a resume, mostly in the legal field. Do not try to find an different plan, opt for the classical one:

  • Education
  • Experience

(These sections are interchangeable according to what you want to highlight. If you have a rich professional experience, it is sometimes preferable to present it first)

  • Additional Skills

In each section, use the reversed chronology, consisting in mentioning first your most recent experiences.

2. Highlight your recent past

If you have of a long list of experiences, the most recent ones are the most important for recruiters. It is necessary to add some information on your recent experiences (description of position, description of mission…)

3. Avoid chronological emptiness

If voids exist in your career development, try to fill it as much as possible.

Do not leave out an experience because it seems uninteresting in your opinion, for the position you applied for, mostly if this one creates a big void in your resume.

4. An experience abroad

It is important not to neglect an international experience, even if this one looks unimportant.

Six months to one year of experiences can make the difference between similar profiles. They often able you to justify a capacity of adaptation and an open-mind.

5. The use of numbers

It is usual that numbers from on to ten have to be written in letters. However, numbers have to be used from eleven. Yet, there are exceptions, such as dates (7th of may), percentages (3%), proportions (from 1 to 2), and time (7.30pm).

6. Use capital letters astutely

It is incorrect to use capital letters for the position name on a resume.

In general, it is suitable to use normal letters for their classical use.

7. Voluntary work

Voluntary work Is always an interesting line on a resume and generally well viewed by recruiters. However this line on your resume, will be probably subject of question during your interview. Then, you will have to be capable of answering and explaining this project, and to highlight it.


8. Highlight a passion

It is not judicious to create place on your resume by limiting the additional skills section. Somme passions can be a good tool of differentiation, or to justify qualities that might be useful for the aimed position. It would also allow you to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.


9. Avoid political opinions, and salary ambitions

It is not necessary on a resume to precise your political side. Thoese ones can even be an nefast. Also, salary ambitions do not have their place on a resume

10. Be coherent !