The most influencial lawyers of the pop culture

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Lawyers are a part of culture now. They are fascinating characters, sometimes heroic and honourbound, sometimes ruthless and lawless,  but always charismatic. Here's our pick for the most remarkables ones.

Lawyers are a part of the culture. Wether it is in books, movies or games They are fascinating characters, sometimes heroic and honourbound, sometimes ruthless and lawless,  but always charismatic. Here's our pick for the most memorable ones.



Joe Miller – Philadelphia


Defending Andrew Beckett, a top lawyer fired because of his homosexuality, Joe Miller is a brilliant attorney. Homophobic at first, due to his irrational beliefs that homosexual men will give him AIDS, he confronts his own fear by defending Andrew and builds a true friendship with him.


Annalise Keating – How to get away with murder


Annalise Keating has everything of the perfect criminal law professor, and defense attorney: charismatic, passionate, brilliant and fearless. Taking on only difficult cases, often lost in advance, she always finds her way out of trouble but does not always using legal means to do so.


Sandy Stern – Presumed Innocent


A top defense attorney accepts to take on a complicated case. His client Rusty Sabich is in charge of the investigation of the murder and rape of his colleague, but when it is later discovered that he was her lover he becomes the primary suspect with strong evidence against him. Defending such a case requires more than knowledge of the law.


Patty Hewes – Damages


Founding partner of Hewes & Associates, Patty is a fearless and relentless lawyer who sacrificed her personal life for her career. Defending highly publicized and sensitive cases, she is criticized for taking liberties with the judicial procedures.


Harvey Specter – Suits


Basically the legal superhero of the list, even if his suits aren’t made of spandex. With his genius partner, Mike Ross, he saves the rich man in trouble no matter how difficult the case is…



Alicia Florrick – The Good Wife


Former state’s attorney forced to return to work as a junior litigator after a scandal involving her husband, Alicia Florrick has to prove herself once more. Independent, smart but righteous Alicia proves one doesn’t always have to forsake one’s ideals in order to succeed.



Martin Vail – Primal Fear


Former Prosecutor of Chicago, Martin Vail is a very popular lawyer. Skilled and working with a trustful team he will do everything to prove his client’s innocence even by persuading himself.


Kevin Lomax – The Devil’s advocate


Young and gifted, Kevin Lomax has never lost a trial, even when he discovers that his client is guilty of sexual abuse. After winning he is offered a place in one of the biggest NY Law firms, owned by John Milton (Al Pacino). A blessing in disguise…



Jennifer Walters alias She Hulk – The Marvel Universe


One cannot speak of pop culture without mentioning comic books. Even though she did not make it onscreen, She Hulk is probably the most important lawyer of the Marvel Universe, as well as a personification of the “strong independent woman”. She filed suits against Peter Parker and worked at the Superhuman Division of a NY Law firm.


Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney


Eponym character of its video-game, Phoenix Wright is the skilled managing partner of Wright & Co. What makes him an incredible lawyer? The fact that you are the one playing the attorney (and his awesome character design).


Jane Bingum – Drop dead diva


When a diva ends up in a top lawyer’s body, it is a recipe for disaster…


Ally McBeal – Ally McBeal


Ally Mcbeal tells the story of a young prominent lawyer and her adventures within a law firm. A mix of comedy, romance and a little hint of law…


Bonus :


Saul Goodman – Breaking Bad


The very best, with the right amount of dirty



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