Our top 10 things to know about LLMs !

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LL.Ms are often not well known by law students. But this degree is such a big asset for students. An international aspect on your resume, open-mindedness, adaptation capacity, excellence in the legal field… Here is our Top 10 things to know about LL.Ms.

  1. An LL.M (Master of Laws) is a specialization diploma or in-depth study for qualified legal counsels.
  2. There are more than, 1 700 LL.M over the world.
  3. More than 500 universities offer LL.Ms.
  4. To integrate an LL.M, you must have a Master 1 or a Master 2 in law and good English skills.
  5. We can integrate an LL.M without a distinction after the bachelor’s degree. The jury will be mostly aware of the student’s progression concerning his career development.
  6. Applications are made in advance for the best American universities, 6 month before the deadline for most of them.
  7. LL.Ms cover all legal fields. Then anyone can find the specialty that fits him.
  8. An LL.M lasts 1 year in average; but there are part-time LL.Ms lasting 4 to 5 years.
  9. An LL.M costs about 40 000 in average in the United States (But much less in other countries)
  10. An LL.M is such a bonus for the internalization of a profile! Plus, more and more recruiters are looking for profiles having done an LL.M.


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