Legal startups you definitely want to know about

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Online Legal services, e-discovery, practice management software these startups are changing the way our way to do law.

Despite being quite new, the legal technology industry knows an important growth with $739 million fund raised since 2011. The legal industry being highly procedural, there is plenty of opportunities to improve, simplify and computerize processes.

Here are some of the legal startups disrupting the market as we know it :


The Lawyer


Online Legal Services : not unlike lawyers, these startups provide various legal services but online.
Examples : Legalzoom.


The Detective


E-discovery : these startups create digital tools to help search for electronic data, used as evidence in cases.
Examples : kCura.


The Assistant


Practice Management Software : creates tools to manage billing, time, and contract to law firms.
Examples : Clio.


The IP expert


Intellectual Property/Trademark Software Services : simplifies the invention disclosure process for IP.
Examples : Decipher.


The Robot


Artificial Intelligence Legal Tech : these startups sell artificial intelligence help to summarize legal documents.
Examples : Premonition.


The Bookmaker


Litigation Finance : invest in legal claims, if the plaintiff wins investors get a portion of the proceeds, if not they gain nothing.
Examples : Mighty.


The Head Hunter


Lawyer Search :  looking for a lawyer? These startups help you find the right lawyer for the right case.
Examples : Lexoo.


The Guide


Legal Research : guides you through the difficulties of legal researches with tools to research better and faster.
Examples : Casetext.


The Notary

Notarization Tools : only player on this market Notarize provides digital notarization services.


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