How to behave during a networking event ?

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Networking, events, words which bring back to your memory uncomfortable situations. Nervous smile, sweaty hands, you are in a cocktail and your future boss may be here, somewhere in the room… What to do, to say, what are the codes? tells you some tricks.

Lesson 1: Let your timidity away !


Timidity is not your ally during networking events. The goal is to distinguish yourself as much as possible. You have to dare going toward others. You have everything to win and nothing to loose. Beware to not brush past impoliteness. A bit of audacity might be rewarded, but do not interrupt a conversation.


Lesson 2: Stay cool !


Just like timidity, stress might be an extremely incapacitating factor during networking events. Between a speaking flow that is too high, shaking hands and voice or beads of sweat above your lips, you can give the impression that you lack of confidence. But your presence at networking events has to be a way to project a strong image of yourself. To manage your stress, there exists some methods: respiration tricks, anti-stress ball…etc. Do not forget that a controlled stress could be an asset: adrenaline growth = reactivity and enthusiasm.


Lesson 3: Without alcohol, your chances to network are higher !


Networking events often mean champaigne, win and other alcoholic drinks. Beware of excesses: self-control is a key point to give a good impression. You don’t have do forbid yourself from drinking, you still can share a drink with your interlocutor in a relaxed atmosphere. That way you will know what to do with your hands !


Lesson 4: Be prepared !


A networking event has to be prepared. Do not go there empty handed. Look people up who may interest you. Think about smart way to introduce yourself and to break the ice. If you can, prepare some relevant questions showing that you know what you are talking about. Think about printing some resumes: it could be useful.


Lesson 5: Dress up… but not too much !


During a networking interview, it is important to be conscious about your outfit. If physical appearance is not fundamental, it is however the first image that you share. It is then primordial to be well dressed. But beware of excesses !  A long gown does not fit in with this kind of event. A too short dress can also have a harmful effect as much as wearing a tracksuit. Opt for a smart casual look. In brief: suit ? Yes ! Long-tail ? No !


Lesson 6: Social networks are your friends !


It goes without saying: do not forget to add the contacts that you made during the event on LinkedIn or to follow them on Twitter. It could be a good way to remember these people and to keep in touch with them.