5 tips for a good career start !

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Becoming a lawyer is not an easy thing. Adapted ongoing courses, strict timtetable, stress, lack of support... such tough things pushing some people to surrend and adopt companie's life. It is however this laborious beginning which will make them accomplished lawyers !

1. Do not make your plan in a hurry !


The profession is often fed by fantasies. The businessman image at in his big office is utopist. The beginning of careers as a lawyer is, most of the time, as laborious as enthralling. As a partner or as an independent lawyer, a lawyer doesn’t count his working hours, especially when he starts because his reflexes are being learned through time. He also has to face competition, because the number of law firms has increased dramatically. As for remuneration, a reality check is in order! Useless to aim too high when leaving school, a lawyer will gain more with experience.


2. Do not hesitate to ask for advice


The lawyer profession has to be learned on the field. It is when being confronted to a situation with senior lawyers that a junior will learn to solve a situation, until he is able to manage it alone. The generational link is the pillar of this profession. It supposes that everyone accept to play the game. Young people have to make proof of humility and accept their lack of experience by assimilating advice.


3. Have an experience abroad


English is not an option. The biggest law firms excpect their partners and associates to speak perfect English. A simple “scholarly level” is not enough. An international experience is a bonus. An internship, a first experience, or an LL.M can make the difference between candidates for a first partnership. It also depends on your mind, and your capacity to adapt yourself.


4. Do not neglect ongoing course


We cannot say it enough: law is a perpetual evolution. Due to lack of time, young lawyers are sometimes tempted to neglect this part, yet it is indispensable for this profession. A lot of these ongoing courses are set by the Order, offering everyone the possibility to follow one that you want. Young lawyers especially should not lay down on their laurels and keep in mind that you will always have something to learn.


5. Develop your own clientele


A big majority of young lawyers tend to forget the liberal side of a partnership. Kept busy by the files given by their partner, they do not necessarily think about their own clientele. But partnership has precisely the goal of accompanying the young lawyer until his own structure. The most simple, effective and fast strategies are easy to set up to start developing their clientele: print business cards, be more present on social media, write articles to legitimate your specialty…