Specialised Master in Auditing and Consulting

Specialised Master in Auditing and Consulting

Anne Le Manh
Gaëlle Severin
, Paris


Today’s business environment is one of risk and uncertainty.

The financial and banking crisis has forced corporations to change their business models, their information systems and management processes to improve performance and to manage risks.



The environment has become more complex, more international and is subject to constant change. In meeting the requirements of their clients, the auditing and consulting professions have adapted their techniques and services.



We, at ESCP Europe, have evolved, and the MS Programme Auditing and Consulting, reflects the professional requirements. Our course programme responds to the skills and disciplines required by auditors and consultants, and the teaching methods are based on an interdisciplinary and team approach.

A Programme adapted to the Professional Environment

The programme consists of three poles of activity, corresponding to each phase of your studies. The course design ensures an integrated link between each phase.


To sum up:

  • 2 terms of intensive courses - September to December; May and June. A one-week international seminar abroad is included and takes place in July.
  • 1 term of professsionalisation from January to April : a company placement of 4 months and a professional thesis defended orally to a committee between early November and mid-December the year following the September intake.

Participants have to be proficient both in French and English.


The course programme is structured around the two academic terms spent at ESCP EUROPE:

  • September to December, the basic knowledge modules
  • May to June, the application seminars and workshops