designed to be the most efficient and efficient service for promoting jobs, programs and legal players. For this reason, we have listed the main questions asked during the website use and the services offered.


Why use is an entirely free website registering users and visitors. It also allows you to create a profile with which you are able to perform a variety of actions on the website. This profile includes your information, eventually, your resume,information on your academic history and career path. These informations can be visible to recruiters only if you wish so.

Creating a profile on the allows you to keep up to date with the legal job market and to seize important career opportunities.

The option of featuring in the database allows you to appear, or not, if you are currently employed, in the «looking for work» profile database.

Creating a profile on allows you to receive information on a number of graduate and professional programs and gives you access to the Virtual Job Fair.

How can assist me in my career?

Whether you are currently looking for a position or are already working in a law firm or a company, allows you to be informed on which companies, legal professionals or law firms are currently hiring.It also provides you an important career opportunities matching your profile.

Through a system of targeted mail alerts, you can receive notifications to be informed on the latest job offers that fit your search criteria.

What’s more, helps you in your search for graduate or professional programs. Thanks to a complete and up-to-date guide, you can discover all legal programs, and be connected to your previous degree.

Finally, allows you to be informed of the legal sector on a day-to-day basis through its current news and events.

Who can use’s services? can be used by anyone looking to apply for a job in the legal sector or to anyopne who is already working in the field and is interested in keeping in touch with the evolving legal job market. lists job offers in the following fields:

  • • Lawyer
  • • Legal Administrator
  • • Business Developement / communication
  • • Auctionner
  • • Tax Expert
  • • Public Notary
  • • Clerk Notary
  • • In House Counsel
  • • Bailiffs
  • • Accountant
  • • eneral Counsel
  • • Human Ressources
  • • qsn_titre_160
  • • qsn_titre_161
  • • qsn_titre_162
  • • qsn_titre_163 lists job offers in the entire legal sector.

Does charge for its services? is entirely free for applicants. It is easy to use and provides a large number of possibilities for the recruitment in the legal field.

What are the website’s main features? allows anybody to register as an “applicant” to:

  • • Upload their resume, as well as, their complete and up-to-date profile; Research and respond to job offers in the legal field;

  • • Include their resume in the resume database and contact recruiters directly;

  • • Manage their profile, save their favorite offers and create mail alerts to be contacted when an offer fits their profile;

  • • Benefit from specialists' advice geared towards finding work in the legal sector;

  • • Be informed of the latest news, events and recruitment changes in the legal sector;

  • • Access all information relating to legal programs;

  • • Use the Virtual JobFair to visit different companies and law firms who showcase their activities and their recruitment policies.

Where do the job offers come from?

The job offers are posted by recruiters who wish to find a candidate which meet their standards. Job offers include internships, full-time jobs or associate positions.

How can I sign up and create a profile on the website ?

Signing up on is easy and free. You can update and/or delete your profile at any time. Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties. will never communicates your personal information to anyone without your consent. For more information, please consult our Terms of Use.

To create a profile, just click on “log in” located on the top right of the home page, then click on “candidate registration,” fill out the information and click “confirm.” A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Your profile will be activated right after the confirmation.

How can I apply to an offer?

When your search is completed and you have identified an offer matching to your criteria, simply click on the 'consult this offer' tab.

You will be redirected to a page with a full description of the offer. You can apply to it by clcking on the “apply to offer” tab.

A confirmation of your application is required. You also have the choice of inserting a cover letter.

Then, your application is directly sent to the recruiter.

How often are job offers updated?

Once an offer is filled, or expired, it will automatically disappear from the database. Each recruiter makes sure their job offers stay regular and can at any time suspend or delete them.

Can I create a profile without a resume?

A resume is not required to create a profile. It is possible to sign up without using our recruitment platform. You can still easily “follow” a recruiter, event or program.

However, our goal at is to make your application as complete as possible. So, if you are applying to offers or if you want to upload your resume on the resume database, uploading your resume is necessary. We remind you that your resume will not be shared with a third party without your consent.


Who has access to my profile (personal information and resume)?

The informations on your profile are strictly private. It is accessible only to recruiters who have access to the resume database to look for a specific candidate's profile (and only if you chose to be included in the resume database).

No third party (such as candidate, advertiser, recruitment firm or other) will have access to your personal data without your consent.

No third party (other applicant, advertiser, recruitment office ...) can access your personal information without your consent.

What does do with my personal information? Can my information be sent to a third party?

Unless of a legal requirement, will never share any information with third party without your consent, including your name, adress, e-mail adress and phone number. if you delete your account, will no longer have access to any of your information including your resume.

What does do with my personal information? Will it be sold to a third party?

Unless there is a legal requirement, will never share any information with third parties without your consent, including your name, adress, e-mail adress and phone number. Upon your account deletion, Carriè will no longer have access to any of your information including your CV.

For more information, please consult our terms of use.

How can I modify my profile information?

You can modify your profile information any time you wish. You simply log on your personal page, identify yourself with your e-mail address and password and click on 'edit profile'.

How can I modify my password?

Connect to your “personal space” page then click on “your personal information”.

Once on “your personal information” page, you will be able to modify your password. You nned to click on the “confirm” tab to save changes made to your account. You will receive a notification by e-mail finalizing the password change.

How can I feature in the resume database?’s resume database is a tool that allows recruiters to search for a profile that fits their needs. While in the database, recruiters will be able to contact you directly with a job offer.

Your resume will never be disclosed or sold to a third party without your consent.

Everyone who enters and confirms their recruitment information and accepts the Terms of use is automatically featured in the resume database. However, it is possible to refuse to be featured in the database by unchecking the box relating to this service in the “Your recruitment information” category of your personal page.

How much time is my resume published on the website or in’s database?

Your information is linked to your applicant account. Upon account deletion, your personal information and resume will be automatically deleted.

How can I delete my account?

Deleting your account is easy and without special terms or conditions. You just have to make a request to “”. This demand will be dealt as fast as possible.

Can I directly contact a recruiter? is a recruitment platform allowing employers to post job offers and giving them access to the resume database.

You have the possibility to apply to any job offer on Your application will be directly transmitted to the recruiter who will contact you directly.

It is possible to “follow” a recruiter featured in the Virtual JobFair. This allows you to receive full recruiter information on the database, including their events, articles, job offers, announcements, etc.


How will we confirm your application?

After applying for a job, a "popup" window will show you the proper transmission of your application to the recruiter.

One again, you can view all of your applications in the "Your Applications" tab on your "personal space" at all times.

How will I be contacted?

Once you have applied to an offer, a recruiter will be able to view and see information in your profile, including the email address you have provided.

The recruiter will have the opportunity to contact you directly on this email address to inform you about the application results.

Can I find jobs I've applied to in a history list?

All job offers you have applied to are automatically saved in your personal space on the 'Your Applications' tab.

I want to follow some offers, can I follow them without applying for them?

You can keep direct access to some offers and save them in your profile without having to apply to them.

To do this, click on "favorite offers." It will automatically enter in your personal space in "Your favorite offers" in the 'recruitment' category.

Is the confidentiality of my application ensured? gives a particular importance to applicant's privacy for job openings. Only recruiters who receive your application will have access to your information.

Other recruiters or a third parties cannot see information on your current or previous applications. The website will not be held responsible for the transmission of an application made by a recruiter to a third party.

How can I create an alert?

Thanks to the Job Offer Alert, you will receive offers directly and automatically based on the criteria that you have previously selected.

To create a Job Offer Alert, simply click on "Your Offers Alerts" category on the "personal space" page. Then click on "Create an Alert" and fill in the fields (title and details) that you like. You can edit or delete your alert via the "Your alerts offers" category. You also have the option to disable and reactivate it.


How to be advised to find a legal job? aims to link candidates and recruiters of the legal sector. To do this, the site is constantly updating job offers and also, allows you to be present in the resume database. You have the Virtual JobFair for a more accurate and complete picture of certain recruiters. In addition, further advice and job descriptions are available on

By consulting offers regularly (using alerts) and being present on the resume database, you will be directly in touch with recruiters in the legal profession.

What if no job offers on the site meet my search criteria?

If once you have made a job search and no offers meet your search criteria, gives you the opportunity to sign up to the resume database or create alerts.

Joining the resume database allows recruiters to search for candidates who match their needs, including recruters who do not wish to publish job vacancies. Therefore, by creating a profile, you become more visible greatly increasing your chances of being contacted by a recruiters.

Creating Job Offer Alerts allows to notify you if a job offer that match your search criteria has beeen recently published . This tool is very useful as it allows you to be constantly informed of changes in the job market of your area.

What should I do if an offer is insulting, discriminatory or abusive?

In each job offer description, you have the option to 'Report Abuse'.

I can no longer manage to get connected to the site, why?

You may not be able to connect to for several reasons.

First of all, it may be that your username and password do not match. We invite you in this case to click on the "forgotten password" link after filling in your email address. You will receive an email with your password. may also be temporarily unavailable due to changes and updates made to facilitate subsequent browsing.

Finally, if you have previously deleted your profile, all information related to your account has been automatically deleted from our database. In this case you will have to create a new profile.

How to apply online? has made an advice section to help you apply online. At the top of each page on the website, the "News and Tips" tab allows you to receive tips on writing your cover letter and resume and preparing your job interview.

In addition, this section contains topical articles to keep you informed on the expectations of firms or companies.

We invite you to read this section if you have problems with your application and you want to receive tips to maximize your chances to be hired.

Finally, we recommend that you send your application documents in PDF format to ensure an effective resume or cover letter download.


You forgot your password?

Click on 'Forgot your password ?'. Enter the e-mail address for your account and click "Send". You will receive an e-mail containing your password.

You forgot your username?

You can use your e-mail address as your user name. If you have forgotten the e-mail linked to your account, do not hesitate to contact us via the "contact" tab on the top left of all pages on the site.


What courses are listed by

All certifications and lifelong training education programs are referenced on references all legal training organized for professionals who wish to develop new skills.

Where can I find a program?

In the top menu on all pages on the site, you will find a tab that allows you to access, either the guide to undergraduate and postgraduate programs, or the portal to vocational programs.

How to find a program in the guide to graduate programs?

There are several ways to find a program in our guide:

• Searching by practice: you can choose between twelve practices in the top left of the "search program" tab;

• Searching by Region: You can select an area in the tab on the top left of the “search program” section;

• You can also optimize your search by choosing more criteria. For the degree programs guide, you can choose the type of degree desired, the level of study required for admission, the program duration, the type of degree awarded by the institution, etc. In the portal for non-degree vocational program, you can base your search on the program's price, duration, time period or labels. In both cases, the keyword search can also be very helpful!

Why is the program I have found, either, out of date or not listed?

If you do not see your program at the top right of your search, the "add / edit program" tab allows you to contact us to report a new program or a change in the information given on the program. Your request will be examined by the team within the shortest possible time.

Why is the executive program I want not listed? is committed to providing the most complete executive programs database possible. We contact each establishment to register the program on our search engine directly.

How do I follow news on a given program?

In order to differentiate and allow certain programs to have a dedicated page, has developed efficient tools to better inform students and professionals of their strengths, features and news.

Just click on the 'follow this program' link. You will then be asked to log in to our site with your profile. If you do not already have a profile, you can simply create an account without having to fill in your recruiting information.

Only programs with a dedicated page on the website can be 'followed'.

How do I add an executive program to my favorites?

The 'favorite executive program' link below each job offer allows you to automatically save them to your favorites.

You will then be asked to log on to our site with your profile. If you do not already have a profile, you can simply create an account without having to fill in your recruiting information.

You are attempting to sign up or edit your applicant profile and do not find the program you followed?

You can manually enter the name of a program you followed. We will send a notification to verify its existence and add it to our list of choices and our guide program as soon as possible.

Remarque : Note: If your degree program is foreign, do not hesitate to report it. It can still be added to our list and to our guide.


How to access events featured on

To access the events featured on, simply click on the "event" tab appearing on all pages of the site. You will be able to look at the entire events calendar of professionals of law, studies, or partners of

Do I need to have an account to access the different events?

You do not need to sign up to have access to the different events and information about an event.

Do I need to have an account to follow an event?

To monitor an event and to receive alerts notifying you of changes related to it, you must create an account on or connect to your existing account.


How do I access news and advice?

To access news and tips, click on the 'news and advice' tab appearing on all pages of the site. In 'news and advice' tab you will have access to advice, news, job profiles and thematic articles.

Do I need to create an account to access news and advice?

You do not need to sign up to access news and tips. All site users can read them.


What is the Virtual JobFair?

The Virtual JobFair is a space accessible to all giving any user the ability to know the key players in law, as well as, their activities, practices, teams and offices. The Virtual JobFair gives a real face to the different players in the legal field.

Do I need to have an account to follow or recommend an executive program to a friend?

To follow or recommend an executive program to a friend, you need to be connected to your account. This way, you can always find recruiters you have followed in your personal space. It is not mandatory to fill in your recruitment information (CV, cover letter, etc.).

What is the difference between "enter" and "follow"?

When you click "enter", you proceed to the recruiter's cover page. When you click "follow" you'll be notified of the recruiter's future events and news.